• Tuna is one of the most popular food fish ever. The canned tuna industry is over a century old, and its product the most successful canned sea food. While the canned version of tuna is very popular in the USA, where 2,7 pounds per person are eaten every year, Japanese prefer to eat the fish raw as sushi or sashimi. What makes the genus Thunnus of the Scombridae family so tasty and popular?

    Atlantic bluefin tuna Thunnus thynnus...

  • The Galapagos marine iguana is the only algae feeding iguana worldwide. The dragon-like animals are extremely tolerant towards temperature and also in many other ways unique!

  • This week, the scientific, conservation, and nature-interested community was hyped by the finding that two whales, which stranded some time back, were actually spade-toothed whales. Only skulls of them were known to scientists, not whole bodies. That story made me think of what we know about whales, and what we don’t know.  The term ”we” I use in this case for interested people, who are not specialized in marine mammals. So I put together some of the “what we know”s:

    Scientists call whales Cetaceans, which ware actually whales, dolphins, and

  • A swimming millstone - up to 3 m long and 2 tons heavy. Anatomically unable to swim as other fish do. But yet, the Mola mola or Ocean Sunfish swims like a Marlin or pelagic Shark. How?