• Plankton: What a big mouth you have!

    Manta ray:The better to eat you with!

    P: But why do you want to eat me?

    M: To become even bigger and live a long, wonderful life.

    P: But I am so tiny – you should eat big fish, or giant octopus, or other big stuff which can fill your stomach. Eating me, you will never be full, but stay hungry.

    M: No, a lot of tiny plankton all the time is much better than one huge bite from time to time. I just have to

  • In most regions of the world, the climate is a result of the geographical location, because that determines the angel in which the sun hits the earth throughout the year. Along the equator, the sun rays hit the earth perpendicular and transmit more heat than in non-tropical regions, where the angle is flatter. In addition, duration of sun irradiation, altitude and composition of the ground are important for the climate of a given place. Thus, we can generally assume that regions along the equator have high temperature through the year and no seasons. The further away from the equator, the

  • Wide gaping velvety mouths - that's what giant clams often look like from the perspective of snorkelers. But how do they live? Do they settle at random places and just hope for the best? This Amocean OceanTalks episode is about the Fluted Giant Clam Tridacna squamosa and their life.