• There are a number of animals in the sea, named after musical instruments. Or are the names a coincidence? I don't think so! The first fish described on Amocean, which falls in this category, has to names reminding of instruments: Flutemouth or Bluespotted Cornetfish:

  • In the last few years I often heard or read about drugs derived from marine organisms as argument for ocean conservation: We should not destroy our own cure, so let’s careabout oceans and prevent the destruction of coral reefs! 

    I don’t like such anthropocentric reasoning, which only allows organisms to live when they directly serve the human species. But

  • Butterflyfish are in every coral reef and some rocky reefs. They sleep in reef crevices, they feed on the reef, they are among the most often photographed fish in reefs.



    Parrotfish are ubiquitous in all coral reefs of Earth's oceans. They feed on corals, which they bite off hard surfaces. In doing so, they also kill a lot of coral polyps, which is a bad thing,right? So, are parrot fish bad for the reef?