• Boxfish are often compared to helicopters. Their box-like shape reminds of some helicopters, the "rotation" of the pectoral fins remind of helicopters. And like helicopters, the heavily armored boxfish can hover, move slowly, at medium speed, or fast. How they do that, you can see in this OceanQuicky.


  • Sea cows are aquatic mammals feeding on plants, while all other fully aquatic mammals are predators or filter feeders. As order the sea cows, Sirenia, are more than 60 million years old. While some species are only known from fossil findings, five species were known to humans. The largest one with up to seven meters body length, Steller’s sea cow, was extinct less than 3 decades after being discovered in the 19th century. Today, four species remain: one dugong and four manatees.


  • At almost every coast, which is inhabited by humans, mackerels are fished. Sometimes overfished. Mackerles, Makrelen, or Macarelas are distributed from the cold northern Atlantic to the tropics, from the surface to 1000 m depth, from open water to coral reefs. But it is not just one species of fish. At least 23 different species hide behind this name in different parts of the world, and in different languages. Here a small overview over the diversity of mackerels.

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