Gabriele Kerber

Approximately 70 % of Earth's surface are covered with water. The livelihood of about 3 billion people depends directly or indirectly on the oceans. For 2.5 billion people, the ocean is the most important protein source. 200 million people live from marine fishery. Up to now, approximately 220000 marine species were described, but conservative researchers guess the total number on 1 Million, less conservative ones guess 2.2 million. The market value of oceans and coasts are estimated to be 3 trillion US$ per year. The ocean absorbs a third of the atmospheric CO2, slowing down climate change. But the price for that is high: the oceans are acidifying. What does that mean for marine plants and animals? Oceans also store part of the energy caused by greenhouse gases and trapped in the atmosphere. Again: what does that mean for marine plants and animals? And what do these changes mean to us?

I am dealing with this kind of questions for years. Having a PhD in biology, I am reading a lot of scientific papers, opening up a world of new knowledge. Unfortunately, hardly any of this knowledge finds its way into the broad public. Amocean is my way to bring some of this information to everyone.

I hope to infect others with the ocean loving virus! If you want to know more about me, my work, or other projects, please visit my personal page.